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Contribution 3000


This is definitely the weirdest thing I've ever "celebrated". I noticed I was hovering around the 3k contributions and knew I would hit it for a while, especially with me being in a busy season with my projects.

This may not really be something to celebrate, since this 3k marker came with a lot of inconsistencies. I wish I was at times more balanced in how I spent my time, and rather then spending it all jsut coding spent it more on improving myself. There are a lot of things I want to improve such as my relational skills, becoming more ephathetic, reading more books on character development. But I never really "found" time for it. Really, I just didn't find them useful enough and would only do that when I found myself on a long car ride and had a few podcasts queued up.

This isn't to say I spent too much time coding, but to say I didn't spend enough time trying to develop myself. Wherever the time must come from, I should've looked for it.

But hey, we hit 3k, 🥳.